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Stone conservation
Daily cleaning
Exterior wall cleaning
Curtain cleaning
Kitchen cleaning
Sofa cleaning
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Air conditioning cleaning
Green maintenance
Paint stucco
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Wasteland cleaning
Home cleaning
Stone crystal surface
Hotel cleaning
Property cleaning
Exhibition cleaning
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Dear Customer: Hello! In order to provide you with the services you need as soon as possible, please according to the content of the services you need, such as: company cleaning, home cleaning, floor maintenance, stone cleaning, etc. Please fill in your information correctly, especially your contact information for We are very important. We will call you back in the first time to determine the service items. We provide on-site services. Large-scale estimates are free of charge.
The purpose of Shanghai Qiaomei Cleaning Service Co., Ltd. is to rely on credit for development, quality for survival, technology as a guide, and wholeheartedly for all enterprises and institutions. If you have any questions, please call the 24-hour national unified customer service hotline: 021-52160965 for consultation , Or call the manager's mobile phone directly: 13795268230 Manager Shen
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